Holographic Effect                   Beveled Casing                   Light-Resistant Durability

"Catch the joy with a custom photo suncatcher today!"

Questions & Answers

Q:  Can I email a picture to use it a suncatcher?

A:  You don't need to email a picture.  You can upload it on our custom order page.

Q:  Does the picture I want to use have to be one I took?

A:  Pictures you took personally are always acceptable.  Pictures of loved-ones that you have permission to take are also not a problem.  The problem is we cannot reproduce a picture that is copywritten such as one taken by a professional photographer.  You need written permission.  We reserve the right to reject reproducing any picture regardless of content, theme, or for any other reason.

Q: Can you ship large orders for resale?

A:  Yes.  We work with churches, car clubs, organizations, etc., to create their logos or emblems for resale through their own store or on their website to their membership.  Contact for special pricing for your organization.

Q:  Are other sizes available?

A:  We can reproduce just about any size suncatcher or glass reproduction with a photograph depending on the availability of the glass shape or specifications  Contact us at for custom quote on your project.  The more information you can provide on the size, shape, and details of your vision the better we can meet your expectations.

Q:  Are you suncatcher fragile?

A:  Our suncatchers are made from thick glass and a sturdy.  However, anything handled rough enough, dropped, or banged will break.  We always ask you handle them gently.  If our suncatchers are damaged in shipping we guarantee replacement for free.

Custom photo suncatchers